Rivalries: Arsenal VS Chelsea

Arsenal and Chelsea are among the most implacable rivals in the English Championship. Matches between teams always attract a lot of attention from fans and play an important role in the struggle for the top lines of the table.


Main derby: Arsenal – Tottenham Hotspur
Implacable rivals: Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, West Ham

Since the “Gunners” settled at Highbury in 1913, just four miles from the Spurs den, London has not known any more rivalry in principle. The confrontation of clubs from the north of the English capital did not stop even during the world wars and managed to remain acute to this day, when, according to the writer Nick Hornby, the antagonism between two groups of fans was saturated with unforgivable hatred. “I 8 ARSENAL” (i.e., “I hate Arsenal”, “I hate Arsenal”), says an inscription on Tottenham fans’ shirts on derby days. It is interesting that at the moment such a construction can have a completely different meaning – the “spurs” already 18 matches in a row do not know victories over the neighbor.


Main derby: Chelsea – Arsenal
Implacable rivals: Tottenham, Manchester United, Liverpool, Leeds

Historically, for Chelsea, there is no unconditional main derby – Fulham, located in the background, does not pull a full-fledged opponent. Therefore, the honorable place of the main enemy of the “blue” is still in the rally. The prize has long been claimed by Arsenal and Tottenham, and in recent years, Manchester United and Liverpool have actively joined the race.

How derby differs from rivalry (on the example of England)

In the last round (last weekend) three derbies took place at once – Merseyside, Tyne-Weir and Birmingham (they all ended in a draw). All these meetings were of great interest not only for the fans of these clubs, but also for third parties. That is, those who have never rooted for these two teams in the past. Such interest is caused primarily by the nature of such meetings themselves, which go beyond the framework of the football “decency and rules.” Both football players and fans tune in to these matches like a war: pre-match preparations, special performances aimed at moral, and sometimes physical, destruction of the enemy in the face of rival fans.

This article will address the significant opposition of such English football clubs as Arsenal and Chelsea. Some fans of English football are confused, considering this or that opposition “derby”. Not all the derby that causes increased interest among fans.

Arsenal VS Chelsea

Clubs: Arsenal (D-1) and Chelsea (D-1), Total 175 matches, + 70 = 51-54

The matches of these two teams in the eyes of their fans have never been viewed as a “derby”. The reason for this is that the recognition by the “gunners” is not “Chelsea”, but “Tottenham” a large and primary evil. Of course, in the 30s of the last century, these teams tuned in a special way in matches against each other, but even in those days the tension of these matches remained in the shadow of other, greater confrontations. The rivalry between Arsenal and Chelsea resumed immediately after the Blues took off in the Big Four at the beginning of this century. It should be noted that according to a poll conducted in 2003, fans of gunners see Chelsea in third place (after Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspot) in the virtual table of the most hated enemies. At the same time, a poll among fans of the “blue” showed that it was Arsenal that was the most important rival (although Tottenham and Fulham were considered to be traditional enemies for them)

  • 2010/11: Arsenal – Chelsea 0: 2, 3: 1
  • 2009/10: Arsenal – Chelsea 0: 3, 0: 2
  • 2008/09: Arsenal – Chelsea 2: 1, 1: 4 (Premier League), 1: 2 (SC)

Interesting facts:

  1. Arsenal won 13 of the last 16 home games in the English Premier League.
  2. Chelsea beat his rivals in the last three away games.
  3. Chelsea won by one goal in the last three away games in the Premier League.
  4. Arsenal scored 20 goals this season in the London derby – twice as many as anyone else.
  5. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Eden Hazard – two players who brought the most points for their team: 12 and 10, respectively.
  6. Olivier Giroud can become the second player who scored for both clubs in the Premier League meetings between Arsenal and Chelsea after Cesc Fabregas.
  7. Chelsea can become the third club, which beat Arsenal twice in a season in the Premier League for the fifth time. Previously, this was Liverpool and Manchester United.

Arsenal – Chelsea: Third vs. First

Chelsea have almost secured the champion title, so this match, which we consider as an example, can be called more important for Arsenal, which is fighting a bitter battle for second place. However, a derby is a derby.

Form of rivals

Both teams are in excellent shape. “Chelsea” lost last points in March; “Arsenal” did it in February.

Chelsea head coach Jose Mourinho:

– We are ready to enter the field Diego Costa. If not in the match with “Arsenal”, then in the game with “Lester” he will definitely be in the ranks. Without it, we face difficulties in every match. We have to act a little differently, but we still achieve the result. I do not consider Wenger as a special rival. This is a club coach who coaches a large club and performs the same tasks as we do.

Arsenal head coach Arsene Wenger:

– We want to continue to win. We are now stable. In fact, nothing has changed – we need to ideally hold the ending of the championship and wait for it to turn out to be not perfect for Chelsea.

History and statistics

The first round match ended 2-0 in favor of Chelsea. Then goals scored Azar and Diego Costa.

According to the bookmakers, the Arsenal’s victory is most likely – the coefficient for this event is 2.58. Slightly fewer experts believe in the victory of “Chelsea” – 3.25. The odds ratio is 3.31.

Whatever one may say, but a more principled opponent for Chelsea than Arsenal is difficult to find now. Three times this season, fate drove rivals with each other (the entire history of the confrontation of two London clubs since 1907 has 157 meetings), and each time the “Gunners” invariably won the guys of Roman Abramovich with the same score 2: 1. Moreover, Chelsea cannot defeat Arsene Wenger’s team for 17 games in a row – since November 1998!

The special charm of the meeting of irreconcilable opponents was given by the fact that neither Arsenal nor Chelsea has ever made it into the semi-finals of the Champions League. And for once, the gunners forward Dennis Bergkamp, ​​suffering from aerophobia, played for Arsenal in the European Cup away match. Fortunately, there was no need to fly by plane from north to west London: the journey from Arsenal base to Stamford Bridge stadium takes only 25 minutes.

As in all the meetings of rivals this season, the account was opened by Chelsea. And Icelander Eidur Gudjohnsen took advantage of the blunder of the German goalkeeper “Arsenal” Jens Lehmann, who ran out of the penalty area. True, after six minutes, the Frenchman Robert Pires set the final score 1: 1, which, before the return game, of course, was more to the benefit of the Gunners. By the way, in two weeks, “Highbury” will not be able to play Chelsea midfielder Marcel Desailly, who managed to earn two yellow cards in the end of the meeting for three minutes. The chances of the team of Roman Abramovich to win at least one of the three trophies this season have become even smaller. “Chelsea” flew out of the FA Cup, it will be very difficult for Arsenal to reach the national championship, and now the team’s semifinal of the League is unlikely. The Italian Claudio Ranieri, who earns 50 thousand pounds a week (90 thousand dollars) has even told his wards that he will probably leave Chelsea at the end of the season. And if Abramovich still decides to change the “steering”, then he will have to pay the coach for an early contract break a record for English football penalty – 7.8 million pounds (13.9 million dollars).

Arsenal – Chelsea 2: 0. Lacazette and Koschelny provided the Gunners with an absolute victory.

Derby failed. The victory of “Arsenal” over “Chelsea” turned out to be too categorical – the guests lost this fight completely, there was no ardent rivalry.

A hyperactive start in the attack and super-reliable defense throughout the match brought the Unai Emery team a cool victory that sharpened the fight for a place in the top four. By the way, now, in addition to Chelsea and Arsenal, Manchester United is participating in it. In total, the fight is convenient to describe its statistics. The most eloquent fact is the number of shots on target of the opponent’s goal by “pensioners”. Only one and he happened at the end of the match.

While the “gunners” before the break, five times struck the target and scored twice. However, in the second half, the hosts attacked a little, focusing on defense, so Arrisabalagi did not have a job at all compared to the first half.

After such a performance, the toothless “blue” in the attack strikes even more. The worst-performing attack is in the top six that evening too eloquently confirmed its status. Although attempts to score at the team of Surry, it was no less than the opponent, and even once the ball hit the post. But too cool “Arsenal” played in the defense and on the approaches to it. Lucas Torreira made 9 selections – the best result in the match. Laurent Koschelny took out the ball 11 times from the penalty – the best result in the match. Hector Bellerin and Matteo Genduzi performed three interceptions per game – no one could do more.