Arsenal team: players

Interesting facts about players of Arsenal FC


  1. In the 2008/2009 season, a funny thing happened to the Pole in training. He dropped the barbell and broke both his arms at once!
  2. Departing the annual rent in Brentford, became the idol of the fans of the local club! For this season, Wojciech has earned the title of the best goalkeeper in the history of the club according to the fans! And in the last match for Brentford, he was honored with a standing ovation from all the fans who stood up and started to applaud while standing by the whole stadium!
  3. In 2011, the match between the national teams of Germany and Poland took place, which ended with the score 2: 2. Oliver Kahn said after the match that there was only one world-class player on the field – Wojciech Schesny!
  4. Wojciech’s father, Macieus, is also a professional goalkeeper in the past. He became the champion of Poland with 4 different teams!

Abu Diabi

  1. Abu was born on the same day as Andres Iniesta!
  2. Abu is a very versatile person. He feels great in basketball and boxing, is a practicing Muslim, has hobbies in religion, philosophy, astronomy, and in a 17-year-old age he graduated from a course in accounting!

Alex Oxlade-Chemberlen

  1. Takes second place in the list of the youngest players in Southampton. First place keeps his current teammate – Theo Walcott.
  2. Last season, he made his debut with Arsenal in the Champions League against Olympiacos and managed to score a goal. This goal attributed to him the status of the youngest player who scored for Arsenal in the Champions League, as well as the youngest Englishman, who hit the gate in the Champions League.
  3. ​​Football player’s father and uncle – Marc Chamberlain and Neville Chamberlain respectively, also, in the past, professional football players. His father played mainly for Stoke City and Portsmouth, as well as for England, and his uncle for Port Vale, Mansfield Town and a number of other English clubs.
  4. In the school where Alex studied, there was no football as such. Therefore, at that time he was engaged in rugby and could make a choice in his favor. Rugby club “London Irish” offered him a contract. Alex played as a defender or midfielder.

Alexander Song

  1. The record holder of Cameroon’s national team in terms of the number of matches played by Rigober Song is Uncle Alexander.
  2. Alex Song has 17 sisters and 10 brothers. There are 28 children in the family!
  3. Early separation from his father, who died when Alex was 3 years old, influenced Song. He sought to have a full-fledged family and got married at the age of 18, by the 21st year he already had two children.

Andre Santos

  1. Brazilian has European-African-Indian ancestry!
  2. Side-by-side played with the miner Dentin and Ronaldo in Corinthians.

Andrey Arshavin

  1. As a child, Arshavin, in addition to football, was also fond of checkers and had a youth category for them.
  2. Andrei opened his score to scored goals for Arsenal in the match with Blackburn in the second half. What is interesting is that in the first half, he horribly ran into player vagrants and during the break he was given 8 stitches, but despite this Arshavin came out and scored a goal!
  3. Took part in the elections of March 11, 2007 as a candidate for deputies of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg from the United Russia party, won the party list, but later refused the mandate.
  4. Graduated from the Institute of Technology and Design. And since 2009, has its own brand “Andrey Arshavin”.

Aron Remzy

  1. As a schoolboy, was keen on rugby, playing at the winger position. After one of the games, a representative of the St Helens RLFC Rugby League club approached him and offered a contract. But it was already too late, because a couple of days earlier Aron had signed a contract with Cardiff.
  2. In need of pocket money, Aaron worked as a child in his various documents.

Bakari Sanya

  1. Bakari’s cousin, Ibrahim Sonko, is also a professional footballer who played in Ipswich Town. At the moment he is free agent.
  2. In Auxerre, Sanya played with his future team-mate Abu Diaby and Totnam’s central defender – Younes Kabul.
  3. Goal to Chelsea, who did not save Arsenal from defeat, became the first goal of the Frenchman in his career!
  4. Is the best chess player among gunners!

Emmanuel Freimpong

  1. I entered school at the age of 9 and studied with Jack Wilshire. But at 14 he threw it in order to “concentrate on playing for Arsenal.”
  2. Emmanuel is also the cousin of Anglo-Hans rapper Lethal Bizzle, and in 2012 they recorded a remix of one of the songs – “Leave It Yeah”!

Francis Coclene

  1. He became the champion of the Euro among players under 19 years. In the final, the French beat Spain, led by Daniel Pacheco, Thiago Alcantara, Ruben Rochina and Sergio Canales.

Jack Wilshire

  1. Debut in Champions League fell on the match with Dynamo Kiev!
  2. In March 2011, a funny story happened to Jack. He didn’t give a damn about a taxi driver, who was Totnam’s fan because he refused to take him home in such a drunken state! Funny matches)
  3. Last year, when Jack was just 19 years old, he had a son, who was named Archie!
  4. If it were not for football, he would have engaged in construction activities, like his father!

Joan Juru

  1. Ioan was born in Côte d’Ivoire, Abidjan, but was later adopted by his father’s first wife, Daniel, who took him to Switzerland.
  2. Now Djourou lives in a building that was once a refuge.
  3. Brother Yoan, Olivier, performed in 2008 for Urania Geneva Sport.

Karl Jenkinson

  1. Kayla’s father is English, and her mother is Finnish. Not playing a single game for the national team, Karl has a choice – Finland or England.
  2. Father Karl is a fierce Arsenal fan. He has a subscription for 50 years of home gunners! Father’s love was also one of the important reasons why Carl chose this particular club at the end of his contract with Charlton.

Kiran Gibbs

  1. He was a member of the Wimbledon Academy of the Football Club when he was disbanded.
  2. Silver medalist of the youth Euro 2009. In the semifinal against the national team of Sweden scored the decisive goal in a penalty shootout. True, in the final, the German national team did not notice the English (4-0).

Lora Coselna

  1. His first match for the national team of France held against France in February 2011. Prior to that, he had not played for any national team (meaning, not for one junior team)!
  2. In the 2008/09 season, he became the best player of League 2 according to his colleagues.

Lukas Podolsky

  1. He made his debut in Bundestim at the time when he spoke with Cologne in the second Bundesliga.
  2. Lucas from the sports family. His mother played for the Polish women’s handball team, his father was a professional footballer, and in 1980, in the Shomberki club from Bytom, he became the champion of Poland.

Lukash Fabian

  1. In 2 seasons in a row for Lehi he received the award “Football Oscar” – the best goalkeeper of the season.
  2. All his life Lukash dreamed of being a goalkeeper. He did not even try to try himself in another position!

Maruan Chams

  1. Marouana’s father, El Mustafa Chamakh, was also a footballer in Morocco and played for the club “Difaâ Aïn Sbaâ”.
  2. Arriving in France, Marouane’s father worked as a stonecutter, and Marouane’s brother soon became the owner of a cafe, where the future footballer often worked as a waiter.
  3. Chamakh is interested in politics. In 2010, he declared his support for the Democratic Movement political party. In the regional elections, he was even listed as a party candidate!

Michel Arteta

  1. As a child, Mikel met a kid who became his best friend. This guy’s name is Xabi Alonso. At a time when Alonso was playing for Liverpool, the players were neighbors in the same residential area!
  2. Mikel is married to Miss Spain Loren Bernal!

Niklas Bendner

  1. For a while, Bentner met with Baroness Caroline Fleming, was close to the royal family, and even started a child with the Baroness, but seven weeks after that they broke up. At the same time there were transfer rumors about the transfer of the Danes to Chelsea. All newspapers came out with the headlines “Bendner is aiming at the aristocrats,” alluding to the Baroness and Chelsea at the same time.
  2. Nicklas scored the first goal for Arsenal. He scored a goal from a corner after filing Fabregas, having been on the field for 1.8 seconds after coming on as a substitute!

Olivier Fat

  1. It was believed that Olivier belongs to those … And all because Giroux appeared in a photo shoot for a gay magazine in his youth. As well as the celebration of his first goal for the French team. True, all these conversations dissipated when the media noticed Olivier on vacation with his companion Jennifer.

Pak Chu Yong

  1. Awarded the 2004 Best Asian Young Player Award.

Per Merthesacker

  1. Per meets handball player Ulrike Stange. The couple had a son, Paul, in 2011.
  2. German created his foundation. The Per Mertesacker Foundation was created to support the widow of Robert Enke and is targeted at those suffering from depression. The foundation has a team called Per and Friends, which annually holds charity matches, including against Philip Lam’s friends.

Robin Van Persi

  1. Both parents are robin artists. Mom is also a drawing teacher and has an art gallery, conducts workshops. Father creates unique works of art / sculpture that can be viewed in various galleries.
  2. With a girl of Moroccan descent, Bukhra Robin was familiar from his youth. They grew up next door, and their relationship began when Robin was 19 years old, and Bukhra studied at the university at the Faculty of Economics.
  3. At school, Robin was very naughty. He was thrown out of school every day.
  4. When Robin played at home, the main coach of Faye at that time was Bert Van Marveyk, who transferred the player to the reserve because of a quarrel. And during the backup match against Ajax, several players of Faye were attacked by fans that had run out on the pitch. But after that, Robin did not lose heart and showed the best match for Faye, after which he was invited to Arsenal, as Wenger personally attended the doubles match.

Ryo Miyaiti

  1. Ron Vlaar gave the nickname to the young talent “Rydinje” (Ryodinho), hinting at his similarity with Nibbler.
  2. Ryo was born in a sports family. His father is a professional in a former baseball player, and now the manager, the baseball club Toyota Motors; his brother also plays football.

Santi Casorla

  1. Santi can play on both flanks of the midfield, as it has a phenomenon called ambidexterity. This means that the Spaniard is both right-handed and left-handed equally!
  2. In 2007, he received the award of the Best Player of the Year. Examples speaking in Recreativo!

Sebastian Skilachchi

  1. In France, Cebu was nicknamed Toto. This Frenchman got the nickname due to the fact that he was the namesake of the Italian football player Salvatore Skilacci, who bore such a nickname.
  2. In his hometown of La Sien built a stadium in his honor, which is called – The Stade de Squillaci. At the moment, the stadium is used as the home arena of the amateur club “Avenir Sportif de Mar”.
  3. He i a member of the World Champions community, which is a group of 54 athletes who contribute to the world through sport.
  4. In 2011 he took part in a friendly match of the Corsica team against Bulgaria. He got this right due to the fact that his parents are natives of the island of Corsica.

The Shervina

  1. The full name of Gervinier is Gervais Yao Kouassi, and he received this nickname, playing for the team of his hometown as a child.
  2. In the football club, Tumodi played with Yaya, Kolo and Ibrahim Toure.

Theo Walkott

  1. As a teenager, Theo played for the Newbury Football Club. After spending the whole Olin full season, he struck the gates of rivals more than 100 times!
  2. The Nike Company signed a sponsorship deal with Theo when he was only 14 years old!
  3. Theo has written four books about football for teens! Theo also wrote his own autobiography “Theo: Growing up Fast”. Well, yes, where do without it in their 23!)
  4. David Yates (directed by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) is the husband of Teo’s aunt. But his sister Holly is a professional bodybuilder.

Tomas Vermalen

  1. Thomas meets with British TV presenter Polly Parsons, with whom, by the way, he met Robin Van Persie at the party!
  2. In 2010, Thomas traveled to the Congo as a charity ambassador.
  3. Verminator’s friends believe that Thomas is good not only in football, but also in table tennis. Also Vermaelen does not miss a single F1 Grand Prix!

Tomash Rositski

  1. Tomash has the nickname “Little Mozart”!
  2. His parents keep weather forecasts on Czech TV.
  3. Tomasz from the sports family. His father, Jiri, advocated Sparta Prague; elder brother, Jiri, – played for Sparta, Atletico Madrid, Bohemians, etc .; and his mother was a professional tennis player.
  4. Tomash meets with Vice-Miss of the Czech Republic 2002 Radka Kochurova.
  5. Rosicky is an excellent guitar player. He performed with the Czech punk rock band “Tři sestry” at their concert.

Vito Mannone

  1. Due to the forced absence of 1 and 2 goalkeepers, Vito played several matches in the base. After the match with Fulham, the nickname “Buffon” clung to the Italian, which Vito considers the greatest compliment he has ever been told. The whole dressing room sang after the match “Vito Buffone”!

The best players of Arsenal

For 18 years at the head of “Arsenal”, the French specialist won three titles of the champion of England, five cups of the country and once got with the team to the Champions League final. However, the main achievement of Arsene Wenger was and is his students – excellent players, which the French coach, made the stars of world football. For example, Dennis Bergkamp

The flightless Dutchman was already at Highbury when Arsene Wenger arrived there, but it was under the guidance of French mentor Bergkamp who began to demonstrate his best football in a Gunners T-shirt. Dennis was one of the creators of the first successes of Wenger in Foggy Albion, and the magnificent goals of the Dutchman were the hallmark of his game and attacking football, which put Arsenal Monsieur Arsen. That only is Bergkamp’s hat-trick against Leicester or his excellent pirouette in a match with Newcastle. For ten years, Bergkamp was an example of elegant and beautiful football, scoring 120 goals in 423 games for “gunners”.

And also Cesc Fabregas should be mentioned. This Spanish midfielder is one of the most striking examples of the work of Arsen Wenger, who from the 16-year-old player of the Barcelona canter made the leader and captain of the club, who later became one of the best midfielders in the world. In 2004, Fabregas broke into the Arsenal, becoming a real discovery for fans and experts. 303 matches, 57 goals and 91 assists – the numbers of Cesc in the camp of “gunners” hit. However, only trophies in the Cup of England and the Super Bowl were listed in the trophies, which was the main reason for the player’s return home. In the “Arsenal” has not managed to win the Premier League, but now he has such a chance in “Chelsea”, where he moved from “Barcelona”. Well tell about the best players in more detail.

Thierry Henry

Henri changed the idea of ​​the striker’s role in English football – before his arrival in fashion were classic dozens like Alan Shearer and Les Ferdinand. And then he said words that would fit Bergkamp or Pires better: “I was not born a scorer. He started his career on the flanks. Perhaps that’s why I’m more proud of the gears. I know that goals are important and will always be important. This is not a false modesty at all. Please note: when I score, I am not as happy as when I give an assist.”

In terms of assists, Thierry was also brilliant: his record of 20 assists for the Premier League season has not yet been beaten (after all, he added 24 goals to them). For me, this is the real Thierry Henry. First, as versatile a striker as one can imagine (at least in that era); secondly, the freak obsessed with improving himself. There was no limit to his self-improvement — from regular, but very polite, calls to journalists, with whom he did not agree, to the famous posture of displeasure with partners.

Phillip Auckler in the biographical book explained that Titi simply did not understand why everyone could not be so obsessed with wanting to squeeze the most out of talent like him. The result is 228 goals for Arsenal and unlimited love of fans.

5 players who deserve stability, but who lacked class (in comparison with a competitor in the national team): Kolo Touré, Gilberto Silva, Mikel Arteta, Freddy Jungberg and Olivier Giroux.

5 players who gave out space segments, but were unstable (or played a little for the club in the XXI century): Mathieu Flamini, Alexander Gleb, Andrei Arshavin, Tomas Rosicky and Mesut Ozil.

5 players whom we tried to shove, because we all love them a lot, but we realized that there was no way: Wojciech Schensna, Tony Adams, Per Mertesacker, Ray Parlor and Aaron Ramsey.

Some 5 more players, because 5 players – this is fashionable: Ashley Cole, Samir Nasri, Cesc Fabregas, Robin van Persie and Emmanuel Adebayor.